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Composed of a team of dedicated Filipino professionals, MaxCortec Global powered by PHP is driven by a shared passion to empower our partners in achieving their health and financial aspirations. We strongly believe in philanthropy and strive to enhance the lives of individuals. PHP was founded in Tarlac City and officially registered with the Security and Exchange Commission on February 26, 2013. Our headquarters are situated at JVP Building, Barangay Sepung Calzada, Tarlac City.

2nd Floor Bread King Corp. Bldg. #9999 Mc.Arthur Hi-way, Brgy. Sepung Calzada, Tarlac City

Fueling Success thru Maximum Health
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Fueling Success through Maximum Health

Elevating Cognitive Health and Holistic Treatment on a Global Scale. At MaxCortec Global, our mission is to empower individuals to embrace life to the fullest. Through our comprehensive products strategy system, anchored by MaxCortec Double Plant Cell Technology, we are dedicated to elevating wellness and creating a world where total health and vitality are within reach for everyone.

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Manufactured by Experts:

Our USP lies in the fact that we manufacture our own science-based wellness products. Unlike other MLM companies that rely on third-party manufacturers, we have full control over the quality, formulation, and safety of our products. This enables us to deliver exceptional, trusted, and effective solutions to our customers.

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Empowerment and Education:

We go beyond providing products by offering comprehensive training, resources, and ongoing support to help our distributors build their skills, confidence, and business acumen. Our focus on education empowers them to become knowledgeable wellness advocates and financially sound entrepreneurs who can provide valuable guidance to our customers.

Redefining Total Wellness Through Holistic Products System

At MaxCortec Global, we are committed to revolutionizing the landscape of wellness with our comprehensive product system strategy. Our flagship product, MaxCortec Double Phyto Cell Technology, takes center stage as a testament to our dedication to total wellness. We go beyond mere superficial solutions, addressing health issues on multiple body systems with science-based products that deliver real and lasting benefits. Our holistic approach ensures that individuals can thrive in every aspect of their well-being, from the nervous system to the reproductive system and beyond.
Unleashing the Potential of Plant Cell Technology

Discover MaxCortec

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A Healthy Heart

MaxCortec is a dietary supplement with natural properties that can help support heart and blood vessel health. It is a source of dietary fiber that prevents bad cholesterol absorption, contains compounds that lower blood pressure, and has Vitamin K and resveratrol that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and inflammation. It can also prevent the formation of clots that contribute to deep vein thrombosis.


A Beautiful You

MaxCortec Food Dietary Supplement is rich in Vitamin PQQ, which is important for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. It is also known as the 'longevity vitamin' and has a high content of Vitamin B Complex. This helps with anti-aging, prevents dry skin, and has restorative properties that can protect skin cell regeneration and delay the onset of wrinkles. Additionally, it is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from both internal and external stressors, including UV radiation, which helps prevent photoaging.

MaxCortec plays a critical role in repairing and regenerating damaged tissues and organs by activating stem cells. This activation can help treat various diseases and medical conditions, slow down the aging process, and improve the appearance and health of the skin by promoting cell regeneration and reducing signs of aging. It was found to increase the proliferation of human cells, suggesting its potential to stimulate cell activity in the skin.
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